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Gnubert News

New Binaries Released
    zwheel - 2002-08-24 22:38   -   Gnubert Peer to Peer Evolution
I released a new set of binaries a few days ago. There isn't a whole lot of functional change but the display is nicer.

Although progress is slow it is not stopped. Connections and the HostCatcher are handled in a much more intelligent manner now and I think Gnubert will be able to automatically get more hosts soon.
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    zwheel - 2002-04-26 11:26   -   Gnubert Peer to Peer Evolution
I've let things go too long without any update so here it goes. Progress was really slow for a while (there wasn't any) as I was very busy with school. I have graduated now and in between job hunting I have been finally getting some work done on the project. I have re-organized the classes by moving the Worker class into the main Gnubert class and renaming GnubertTools to GnubertClient. It could probably still use a bit more polishing but I hope this makes things a bit more readable. I have also added an immigrant queue which is maintained by GnubertClient (now a separate thread.) so that the evolution process no longer has to wait for an immigrant to be obtained from other clients.
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Gnubert Released
    zwheel - 2001-07-29 01:59   -   Gnubert Peer to Peer Evolution
A few days ago I released the source code into the cvs tree and created the homepage but neglected to add a news item for it.

Tonight I have made the webpage more readable, have put out the first binary release. I also wrote some quick and ugly release docs which are screaming for me to replace some time when I am better rested.
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    zwheel - 2001-07-20 09:19   -   Gnubert Peer to Peer Evolution
Welcome to the Gnubert project! I will be uploading source code so that we can get started shortly. I began this as a project for a class. I was in a hurry to make the due date, and also was learning a lot as I went so my code was rather messy. I just have a little more cleaning up to do before I want to show it to the world, but it should be up in the next few days along with a website giving more detail on what Gnubert is suposed to do and what it can do so far. I hope you will come back and perhaps want to get involved!
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